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About Grata ECO House

We consider the peculiarities of each order by taking into account the customer’s wishes, local building standards, as well as energy performance and environmental requirements. All of our houses that are produced for target markets satisfy the present-day energy efficiency class A requirements or even surpass them.


Since for the majority of people the acquisition of a house is the key investment in a lifetime, we wish that our customers would see the house construction as a pleasant experience and a right investment into their future.

The application of high-quality engineering solutions and energy efficient approach allows our customers to avoid paying unreasonably high bills for heating and spending years in a building with a bad indoor climate.


The timber frame house energy efficiency concept ensures the optimal thermal insulation of the house and consists of three elements:

Cold-proof external timber walls

Optimal roof thermal insulation

Windows with enhanced thermal insulation


Our advantages:

The house design stage is carried out by leading architects and qualified engineers

All processes are systematically supervised from project sketch to the final house assembly by experienced project managers

We use only certified materials in all our production

House elements are made on a high-tech production line with the triple control method

You can leave a building construction programme to our engineers or send us a rough sketch of the project on the basis of which we will prepare provisional estimates for you: